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Further Education of Pedagogic Workers

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology participates on project of further education of pedagogic workers that is provided by Faculty of Humanities, Sciences and Education of Technical University of Liberec.

As a part of fields of study our department provides pedagogical and psychological module that contains these topics:

  • Constructional didactic method and socio-cognitive methods.
  • Contemporary curricular reform - main resources, principles and headings.
  • Key competence as an aim of education in RVP and long-life learning context.
  • Principles and ways of individualization in education.
  • Class and school climate.
  • Shifts in ways and conception of pupils’ evaluation in RVP. School autoevaluation and methods of evaluation in contemporary education.
  • Alternative educational models and concepts.
  • Pedagogical and psychological diagnostics - contemporary approaches, methods and their practical use.
  • Methods of prevention of social pathologic manifestation.

Pedagogical and psychological module contains compulsory facultative courses mainly:

  • Europeanism and Czech education.
  • Modern trends in education.
  • Pedagogical and psychological diagnostics.
  • Socialization disturbances and prevention of social pathological manifestations.
  • Evaluation at school.
  • Alternative education.
  • Psychological hygiene at school.

In case of qualification extending from Primary School Teacher to Secondary School Teacher courses listed below are compulsory:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Chosen problems of didactics